PLATIUM LEVEL ($2,500 / yr)

At Alletess Medical Laboratory, it is our mission to deliver the best test performance and provide unsurpassed laboratory services to our clients. We are a CLIA licensed laboratory, comply with CAP proficiency testing and have been servicing clients worldwide since 1980.

Available Tests:

  • Food Sensitivity Panels – 96 or 184 food panels, IgG and/or IgA
  • Customized Wellness Plans complement our food sensitivity testing to help the patient navigate challenges they may experience when embarking on an elimination diet. Registered dietitians are on staff to support clinicians and
    patients via email or telephone.
  • À-la-carte IgE allergen ordering from over 650 food and inhalant allergens as well
    as component allergen testing. Most allergens can be ordered as individual IgG,
    or specific IgG4.
  • Mold panels to assess allergy and/or exposure.
  • Autoimmune panels include Celiac Profile, Connective Tissue Disorders, Rheumatoid, and Thyroid Disorders.
  • Candida albicans

All tests are available using serum samples. We offer three finger stick (dry blood spot) panels: 96 and 184 IgG Food Sensitivity Panels, and Candida albicans IgG/IgA/IgM. Our quick turnaround time, unrivaled customer service, and transparent pricing make us the best choice for your practice. We are well positioned to support you and your patients. The first step… Alletess.

GOLD LEVEL ($1,000 / yr)

Avant Wellness Systems’ LZ30 Therapy Lasers are powerful, cordless, lightweight, compact and cost much less than competitive models. So what’s the catch?

No catch. Driven primarily by mobile phones and tablets, the last 10 years have seen enormous strides in the miniaturization of electronics. This has resulted in much more energy efficient electronics and improved battery technology.

The LZ30 leverages all these factors to optimize size, weight, usability and performance. We’ve engineered our laser so that the entire assembly of four laser diodes with controlling electronics, graphic display, battery and optics is only 1x1x5 inches. Many of our customers keep their lasers in their pockets or purses.

Our customers love their LZ30 lasers’ portability and power; their patients love the results. We look forward to meeting you and demonstrating this unique device so you can see how we compare.

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